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The Search for Perfection

I’m rotten at updating this page and do you know why? I never think it will good enough for you. I wonder if you’ll like the recipe. Will you like the page? Will you find what I write interesting? Does my page look good (reminding myself that I’m a complete technophobe and I haven’t managed to get the page looking the way I want it to look yet). I then realise that a good few months have ticked by and I haven’t shared anything.

Well I’m back and I have that recipe I’ve been promising you FOREVER. Continue reading

Protein packed nut bars

imageYou can be the most organised person in the whole world and believe me, I am daily diary organised, but sometimes life just gets the better of you. I had an unexpected trip to A&E and a couple of follow ups this week after my daughter Eva fell off her horse and hurt her ankle. Of course I hadn’t built that into my plans so stuff had to get shifted. I did a gym workout at lunchtime instead of in the morning and I sacrificed some sitting on my backside time, swapping the backside time for an early night in bed. I also did one of my workouts in the garden in the rain rather than waste time driving to the gym and back. Continue reading

Digestive biscuits and a lecture!

imageDecember was full on and whilst I did work out, I didn’t quite stick to my usual rigid workouts. With the kids at home on holiday, I grabbed whatever little bits of time I could get. You’d find me out in the garden doing Metafit usually around 5.30 whilst the dinner was cooking. Not the best time as the ferocious mosquitoes were just coming out and with the sweat and odour lashing out me, they had a field day.

I am still applying tea tree oil to my bites. I also had to fight one of my dogs for my yoga mat and don’t forget Quinn shouting in the Continue reading

What do you really want PHO the New Year LOL!

IMG_0003I think back to previous New Year’s resolutions and I’m sure the list will have contained the following, plus a few more.

1. Lose 10lbs,

2. Run 5 miles 4 times a week.

I always want to lose 10lbs but I’m not sure why.  Is there something else bugging me making me dislike myself? Why do I want to run, I hate running. Am I trying to torture myself? Unless my life depended on it, I’m never going to run 5 miles, 4 times a week. I might row or cycle that distance but I’m never going to run it. It’s just one of things I always seem to put on my list. Continue reading

My delicious reduced sugar cupcakes

I got the nicest message from Quinn’s teacher the other day. It was a replay of a conversation my little girly had with her.  It went like this:

“Thanks for the dDSC_0304elicious cupcakes. 
Quinn said something sweet a minute ago, which was as follow:
” you should try one of those cupcakes.”
‘ I did thank you, it was delicious’ 
“yes, my mum is a very good cook, that’s why I don’t want another mum. “
‘ Is that the only reason why ?’
‘no, she is nice too. 

Continue reading

How NOT to gain weight over Christmas.

I’m about to give youimage the best piece of advice ever on how NOT to gain weight over the holiday period (unless of course you’re trying to). It runs contrary to the advice I give for the rest of the year but when we’re all sitting looking at booze, chocolate, cakes, big family dinners, office parties etc, etc, desperate measures prevail. So what is it???? Continue reading

Chocolate cherry protein pancakes from freezing Scotland!

imageI’ve been a stranger again. What a few days! My flight on Wednesday night was delayed and ultimately canceled too late at night for there to be any alternative, but to fly out the next day going via Miami which is much longer. The flight was stuffed full and I was stuck on the long haul part of the flight behind a broken chair (don’t ask). Continue reading

Sweet potato blondies

Iimage‘m getting very excited about my trip to Scotland but I’m wondering where I’m going to put all of the food I’m preparing. Have I told you all that I’m a control freak LOL. I never go anywhere without pre-preparing everything and leaving lists for the husband the length of my arm. It’s not that I don’t trust him, it’s just that after the boiled potato incident, I don’t trust him. I’ll get into so much trouble if I share that one. Continue reading

Shepherd’s pie. Don’t you love comfort food!

imageIs it just me or is Christmas getting earlier every year. Got an email the other day saying that Christmas trees are in. I can’t buy a tree now. My mum told me it’s bad luck to have your tree up more than 12 days before Christmas! Continue reading