Carrots. They can’t make you see in the dark…


I’ve been party to a couple of conversations in the last probably 4 months where young women have said they have thyroid issues. To be honest, I didn’t really understand what it was about so I did a bit of research on the internet (as you do). On the back of that, I found quite a few articles around the finding of Ray Peat Ph.D from the 1970s. He did research into hormones and anti-ageing. Anyway, his findings indicate that a medium sized raw carrot, eaten daily, can lower anti-thyroid and inflammatory substances, reduce liver burden and assist the GI tract and liver to detoxify endotoxin and estrogen. Now I don’t feel so guilty about stealing one of the horse’s carrots.

The research says that the carrot is best eaten on an empty stomach before a meal and preferably before midday. The research goes on to state that if eaten with a meal, it can lead to hypoglycemia in some people as it will slow the absorption of nutrients from other foods (raw carrot fibres can inhibit the absorption of certain minerals if eaten with other foods). Much more interesting research than I did in my former life!

Apparently raw carrots contain unique fibres that don’t feed bacteria, which means they lower inflammation. They also bind to and eliminate unused hormones like estrogen and lower serotonin and histamine, which in turn lowers the body’s need to produce cortisol (catabolic stress hormone). This apparently increases the efficacy of progesterone and testosterone.

Apparently grating length-ways enhances the effects of its fibres so don’t juice them all.

The below recipe for a detox salad is on loads of different sites. I eat my carrot as is and usually unpeeled but the salad isn’t bad at all.

Daily Detox Carrot Salad

1 large carrot shredded length-ways with a peeler
1 tablespoon of apple cider vinegar
1 tablespoon of coconut oil
salt if needed


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