Day 1 report


Day 1 report

I have to say that I thought about treats lots today. I actually don’t eat that many ordinarily so I know my head was playing games with me. I won though! I did however find myself sucking on a raw carrot before dinner. Hey…..whatever it takes!

Here’s what I ate/drank

Water with lemon juice

Breakfast of 4 eggs fried in coconut oil with spinach and baby tomatoes

Snack of half a mango and a handful of home roasted cashews

Lunch of mahi cooked in coconut oil with a salad of green leaves, avocado, homemade probiotic sauerkraut and some extra coconut oil and lime juice (yum)

Afternoon snack of a half a mango and cashews

Dinner of a shrimp and avocado salad with extra guacamole. I went out with a friend (The Agave Grill does an awesome shrimp salad)

Lots of water, 2 cups of black coffee and some green tea

Exercise – Crossfit and horse riding

Sugar 0 – VC 1

Roll on day 2!

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