Day 11 and I don’t feel like the Glaswegians trapped in the elevator.




I can’t believe that’s 11 days of no sugar and I even went out for dinner tonight and I was dragged to the Gelato shop by the kids and made to smell the stuff. Have I told you that I love pistachio gelato in all of its green lushness. Anyway, I didn’t have any although there was a little devil on my shoulder saying “go on. Know one will know.” But you would have known because I would have told you all!


Anyway, here’s what I had today.

Check out that banana roll. I really didn’t need to roll it all up but I thought you guys might appreciate the pretty picture ;).

Check out the kids breakfast. Homemade peanut butter, organic carrot and a no sugar spelt flour banana muffin. Lucky kids or what???


Lemon water on waking

Breakfast – banana in a blanket of peanut butter wrapped in an egg white, almond meal and cinnamon quilt LOL and some fresh coconut water

Snack – mango and chocolate hazelnut spread (so good I licked the plate!)

Lunch – turkey chili with avocado and greens

Snack – banana

Dinner – snapper, vegetables and olives

Drinks – coconut water, 2 coffees, herbal tea and tonnes of water .


PS…I’m a Scot so no insult to my kinsmen!


Watch out for next weeks food plan coming tomorrow.



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