Day 15 – already?

OMG! How is it possible for 3 children to keep me so busy! Someone suggested to me that I get them out exercising to tire them out. That had me in stitches…….oh hello! What do you think I do! The oldest one goes to Crossfit every morning, very early doors, with either his dad or I. All three of them spend the morning at the stables and then back to the stables again in the afternoon and we get at least one swimming session in per day. They are still going strong at 8.30pm and in fact, so strong, that the middle one made brownies at 9pm.

I also get a steady stream of food requests throughout the day!

I used to joke that it would be great when they could all talk because then, they would all get together and talk to each other. Oh no, they all like to talk to me and all at once.

I’m not complaining…wouldn’t swap it 🙂

Anyway, what did I eat today?

Lemon water on waking

Breakfast – local Melon and local eggs, fried

Snack – 3 apricots chopped up with pumpkin and chia seeds (really tasty!)

Lunch – greens, a few homemade plantain chips and a large avocado

Snack – coconut water and a banana

Dinner – grilled vegetables layered with meat sauce and cashew cream (a real winner)


Drinks – 2 coffees, coconut water and loads of water

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