Day 16

I skipped my lemon water this water. It wasn’t intentional but wow, do I know when I’ve done it. I didn’t drink anything until I’d been up for about an hour and it was a coffee. I then did a Crossfit workout and it was only after that, that I had my first real drink of water. I found that for the rest of the day, no matter how much I had to drink, I generally felt thirsty and I also had cravings! Moral of the story…….hydration is a big thing!

Pre gym banana

Breakfast – small mango and 3 fried eggs

Lunch – it’s in the picture. I made my salad into an ice-cream sundae.

2 handfuls of spinach, 1/2 an avocado, handful of blueberries, teaspoon of spirulina, teaspoon of Acai powder, ice cubes and blitz in a blender. Top with a sliced strawberry and toasted almonds and coconut. It was really, really good!

Snack – banana and peanut butter

Dinner- roast chicken breast, plantain and a green salad

Snack – teaspoon of almond butter dipped in raw cacao nibs

I dealt with my cravings by eating fruit. Not the best day. Onwards and upwards!


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