Day 17 and I noticed something!

imageI noticed that my energy levels were completely through the roof yesterday. I did a work out consisting of a mile run, 15 minutes worth of handstand push ups and double unders and then 10 minutes worth of 200m sprints and walking lunges with a 15lb plate above my head. It was short and sharp but intensive. At the end of it, I was buzzing and could easily have done it again. Don’t get me wrong, I hate running and the mile would have been unpleasant but the point was, I could easily have done it again. I was going out for dinner with the family so I didn’t have time to do it again but I did hit the floor and bust out 40 proper push ups. Not bad for an old lady 😉

Yesterday’s food:

Lemon water on waking

Breakfast – sweet potato waffles with egg and bacon

Snack – coconut water and a mango

Lunch – roast chicken salad with avocado and an apple cider vinegar dressing. I threw a handful of lychees in the salad. Didn’t mix too well with the vinegar so don’t recommend it. I also pinched a few blue corn nachos from the kids. They had salad too 😉

Snack – banana, peanut butter, the last of my chocolate hazelnut spread and 6 raw peanuts for a crunch.

Dinner – I went to the Lighthouse. I had a green salad to start and a seafood curry with lobster, shrimp and swordfish. I passed on the nan bread and rice! The other half cheated though and ate the rice and bread. I’ll forgive him though, he’s trying to gain weight! I can’t feed him enough!

I also ate the tomatoes and olives off the bruschetta and left behind the bread! Technically I’m not off bread but I think that eating it would have pushed my food intake for the day over it’s limit. It ‘so not just about healthy eating, it’s also about moderation!!!

Drinks  – 2 coffees, loads of water, some coconut water and a herbal tea

I’ve been asked if I take supplements. I do. I take magnesium, calcium, a probiotic, cod liver oil, and branch chain amino acids but I do work out every day!!


Sweet potato waffles

I’ll confess I really don’t like sweet potatoes that much and force myself to eat them. I was sitting looking at one in my potato bowl the other morning when I was making breakfast and I thought I’d try it for my pancake. I am now a sweet potato convert.

Ingredients for one whole waffle (per the picture)

1 large or 2 small sweet potatoes finely grated
2 egg whites and 1 whole egg
Scoop of protein powder (optional)(I did have this, this morning because I didn’t want anything with the pancake)
Pinch of nutmeg or cinnamon

Beat the eggs. Mix in the potato and spices.

Cook in the waffle maker brushed with coconut oil. You can also fry in a pan to make a pancake from this.


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