Day 21 – always remember to read labels!!

Got so badly caught out at the supermarket. I was grabbing some vanilla extract. I skipped past the imitation stuff going straight to the only “pure” extract they had. It was only when I was going to use it that I read the ingredients list. Corn syrup…..what’s that all about. Doesn’t “pure vanilla extract” mean that??? Corn syrup…….???? I’m not going to tell you how annoyed I was. Thankfully my own homemade vanilla extract (soaked vanilla beans in Bombay Sapphire 😉 ) was ready. All you need to do is split the beans, scrape out the seeds and then place the pods and seeds in a small mason jar and cover with alcohol. 2 to 3 weeks later, you have your very own essence. Ta da!!

Remember to read the labels. If I want sugar in my vanilla extract, I’ll add it myself thank you.

So what did I eat……….no sugar. Yeah!!

Lemon water on waking

Pre gym banana

Breakfast – fried eggs and mango

Snack – none

Lunch – salad with a whole avocado and dukkah

Snack – homemade protein bar with cashews, coconut and protein powder

Dinner – beef chili with collard greens and okra and 2 coconut flour wraps

Drinks – water, herbal tea and 2 coffees

Onwards and upwards we go!


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