Day 22. Think I might just keep this going long term.

I can’t believe that I’m coming to the end of a month and I still haven’t eaten anything with sugar in it or added any sugar to my food. I know I don’t eat loads of sugar ordinarily, but I thought I’d still be desperate for something sweet; especially a chocolate bar, but I’m not! The one thing I am finding though, is how difficult it is to buy snack foods that don’t contain either sugar or a sweetener of some kind. I’ve been avoiding sweeteners like stevia too. There’s no point in kidding your body on. If I want something sweet, I’ll add the good stuff like maple syrup or honey. I think sugar substitutes when you’re cutting sugar is pointless.

It’s amazing what sugar is in, shop bought bread (including whole wheat and some Ezekiel bread), muffins, low fat yoghurt, ketchup, salad dressing, BBQ sauce, fruit juice. I could go on.

What did I eat

Lemon water on rising

Breakfast – oatmeal with nuts, seeds, coconut and cinnamon

Snack – 2 boiled eggs

Lunch – chicken salad with avocado and apple cider vinegar

Snack – homemade protein bar with cashews and coconut

Dinner – jerk chicken with mashed turnip (rutabaga) and sautéed greens (pictured)

Note the oatmeal. Grains don’t form a large part of my diet but every now and then, I do enjoy oatmeal, quinoa, brown rice and quality flours. The oatmeal was delicious. If I want the kids to eat it (which was my goal) , I have to sit down and have some with them. Result – Quinn (aged 4) scoffed a large bowl of Old Fashioned oatmeal with milk and – splash of maple syrup). Happy mum!


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