Day 4 report

So Friday was pretty awful. My head ached and I felt sick from early in the day. I drank loads of water and I even did my trick of adding fresh ginger and fruit to a glass of San Pelegrino, but nothing worked. By 9pm, I couldn’t stand it any longer so I went to bed. The plus side is that I got 9 hours sleep last night which is probably 4 hours more than I usually get. Given that I am also doing the Crossfit 30 day challenge (which starts today), that’s probably a good thing. Today’s workout is:

60 pull ups
60 push ups
60 sit ups
60 squats……………………….luuvvvveeeerrlllyyy. Good job I’m a youngster 😉

So what did I eat yesterday

Lemon water on rising
Breakfast – 3 eggs fried in coconut oil and a whole mango
Morning snack – nothing
Lunch – shrimp curry, steamed vegetables and a green salad*
afternoon snack – banana and peanut butter
Dinner – BBQ pork chop with sauteed breadfruit and greens cooked with tumeric, onions, garlic, cumin, ginger, salt and pepper an afterwards I had a black coffee and about a tablespoon of raw cacao nibs

Drinks – I had 2 black coffees, green tea, loads of water and one San Pelegrino with ginger and watermelon

Roll on Saturday.

*Hints if you are eating out this weekend, choose a protein and skip the rice, pasta, potato etc asking the waiter/waitress for steamed vegetables and/or a plain green salad instead. With the salad, have oil and vinegar or oil and lemon juice. That’s what I did at lunch time.

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