Day 8 and I’m still rocking this gig!

If I had been a weak man, I could easily have gone to the dark side today but I stayed strong. The kids are off school. I’m doing my mumsy thing looking after them and they’re driving me potty. They are way more demanding than any client I ever had to put up with in my lawyer days. I could ignore the calls and emails at work (if you’re an ex client reading this, then be assured, I didn’t ignore you 😉 ) but you can’t ignore your kids! Got to love the little blighters 🙂 Anyway, I didn’t get anything done today when I wanted to do it, the food plan went to pots and I had to improvise and…….I had to deal with a trip to the supermarket on an empty stomach. Not good! That’s when the crap that greets you when you enter the store looks remotely appetizing.

Motto for today……..improvise!

So here’s what I ate today

Lemon water on waking. It’s all quiet in the western front at this time!

Now all hell breaks loose. It takes about 30 minutes to get them to eat breakfast. I can’t get them dressed. We’re just about to leave when we realise something’s forgotten etc etc….I have to turn back after I’ve started driving…..and time marches on

As a result of the above, I have breakfast on the go. I have a chopped mango and 3 eggs fried in coconut oil. I’m running an hour behind now. I drop some of the egg between my leg and it sticks to my leggings… Lovely. I’m sure I’m not meant to be eating and driving! At least I don’t drive and use the phone or put make up on!

Snack – a slice of my uber delicious fruit and nut “bread”

Lunch – on the go again so I have a protein shake with spirulina and coconut oil

Snack – in the supermarket hungry so I head to the deli and have 7 grilled shrimp and grilled vegetables (which I eat on the go)

I am meant to get back home at 5 to cook dinner but due to the kids, I get back at 7. I still have a run to do!!! I throw chicken thighs on the BBQ, potatoes in the oven and some salad in a bowl. I grab a pre gym banana and nut butter and I leave the other half to deal with the whirlwinds.

I crawl back from the gym at 9.30. I don’t want chicken now so I fry up an omelette in coconut oil with some chopped local potatoes and have this with salad (see picture). Got chicken for lunch tomorrow now…whoop! Whoop!

Yes I have eaten 6 eggs today. No I don’t have feathers 🙂

Until tomorrow………


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