Fancy an ice lolly? How about a protein ice lolly?


Moovie lollies, plain and with a protein kick

This morning my poor little pumpkin fell out of bed and bashed her lip on the side of my bedside table. Thankfully she didn’t burst her lip but she did end up with an egg sized bright red swelling. Of course, she was inconsolable and was not for letting me put an ice pack on it, not even a Dora one.

Quick thinking me pulls a moovie lolly out of the freezer (aka a smoothie lolly). I keep a supply of them in the freezer and not just for the kids, but also for me and the other half.

For the kids, I mix a variety of fruit with coconut milk, fresh almond milk (when I’ve made it) or plain yoghurt. She happily sucked away on that so need for the ice pack. I also sweeten the kids lollies with honey so it was a real win/win as honey (amongst other things) is known to have natural healing as well as anti bacterial properties. I called myself magic mum but apparently I can’t be magic as I don’t have wings!

These are a great way of getting your kids to eat a variety of fruit too. I use everything from watermelon to papaya to berries.

For all of you fitties out there, my moovie lollies can also be protein moovie lollies; a perfect after gym snack or when you have the munchies in the evening.

Kids lollies


Any fruit (I tend to use frozen fruit)
Coconut milk, almond milk or yoghurt
Sweetener if needed. (I use honey and/or a half a ripe banana (I freeze ripe bananas for this very purpose!))

Blend the above, put into lolly moulds and freeze.

Our favourite mixes are:

• strawberry and banana
• mixed berry
• watermelon
• peach and raspberry

Protein lollies


Protein powder of choice
Water (or cold coffee)
Fruit (optional)

Mix three scoops of your favourite protein powder (I’ve used everything from whey, to rice to egg white protein powder) with water or cold coffee or with water and fruit in a blender until it’s a thick paste and then put the paste into the lolly moulds and freeze. I used a six lolly mould so two lollies should give you a good protein fix assuming your protein powder is around 22g of protein per scoop. Remember that if you add the fruit, you’re upping the calories!!

My favourite mixes are:

• chocolate protein powder with cold coffee
• protein powder (either chocolate or plain) with a banana (coffee optional here)
• plain protein powder with mixed berries or mango

I also love to use coconut milk instead of water but obviously this increases the fat content 🙂


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