Gluten free and nut free healthful snack ideas


Imagine sitting behind your desk working away busily as it’s almost time to go home. The phone rings and you pick it up expecting to hear a client only to hear the sound of panic as your child’s nursery teacher tells you that your child is choking and is struggling to breathe; that they’ve phoned an ambulance but as it’s the city centre and rush hour, it’ll take about 30 minutes for the ambulance to get there; and that they don’t know what to do. What do you do? Fortunately I’m next door so I rush from my desk, dropping everything and I dive to the nursery, whip up my son, dump him in the car and I drive. Yes I drive. I drive into the oncoming traffic, trying to keep my son calm and conscious whilst simultaneously gesturing rudely to the cars honking their horns at me as they swerve to avoid me. I don’t care. Adrenaline is pushing me whilst at the same time, I’m thinking “help……how do I do a tracheotomy?” I don’t have an iPhone with google search!

After a few near misses, I reach the hospital and my son is taken care of but hospitalized over night.

He’d suffered a severe allergic reaction. He was only 3. To this day we don’t know what he ate and we don’t know what he is allergic to. This was the real start of my journey into clean eating. Allergies are horrible things. I was forced to take my son back to a basic diet of fruit, vegetables and meat. At first, we cut dairy, gluten, nuts, coconut; you name it and only after time, were we able to slowly introduce foods back into diet.

It was really difficult and you would regularly find me sitting in the waiting area of the doctor’s surgery with my little bags of food trying out new things. Hey, if anything was going to go wrong, I wanted to be in the right place.

That was my journey. It wasn’t fun but the end result is a predominantly clean diet. We all stray but to us straying is a fair trade chocolate bar or some fries. We do also have some bread or wraps but only if homemade or from a source we trust. Still no idea what my son was allergic to!

Someone got in touch with me in the last few days for suggestions on what to feed their child who has a gluten intolerance. This is mixed with the fact that you can’t take nuts, coconut etc to schools and I assumed that the parent wouldn’t want to be cooking and baking constantly.

It is hard but hey, when your life and health depends upon it!

Here is a slew of quick and easy healthy snack ideas avoiding gluten, nuts, coconut and coconut derivatives and which take minimal time to prepare. These work great for adults too. These are much better than using the vending machine at work or the junk they sell in the gas/petrol stations/train station etc and they keep in line with Celiac Awareness Month.

All references to GF means gluten. You’ll see a stamp on the products like the picture on my post.

Raisins and dark chocolate chips
Raisins, chocolate chips and sunflower seeds (pictured)
GF Banana or plantain chips
Toasted sesame and pumpkin seeds
Cheese stick and GF rice crackers
GF Brown rice cakes and jam
GF Pasta with Parmesan cheese
GF Rice Krispie cakes (Kelloggs do a GF brown rice)(mix Rice Krispies into melted dark chocolate and add raisins and chopped apricots – make sure you get unsulphured apricots). Leave them to set in the fridge.
Apple butter on a GF rice cake or some GF bread
Air popped popcorn with brown sugar and cinnamon (pictured)
A baked chicken drumstick with some chopped cucumber
A smoothie (strawberry, banana and whatever milk you like)
A whole apple
Hummus and corn chips (get good quality unsalted, non GMO, certified gluten free ones)
Hummus and carrot sticks
A boiled egg
Egg cupcakes (pictured)
A protein shake
A plain yoghurt with fruit (again, be careful as loads of the kids yogurts are sweetened and are not gluten free!)
Slices of turkey breast (either roast a small piece of turkey or buy organic turkey breast which is gluten free and free of preservatives)
Edamame (one of the few soy products I eat!)(pictured)
Tinned tuna or salmon mixed with chopped tomato, cucumber, red onion and olive oil
Tuna and salmon with avocado
Avocado and GF non GMO corn chips
Cheese and pineapple
Lettuce Roll-Ups (turkey and cheese rolled in lettuce)
Frittata (you can make this the night before, slice and refrigerate)
A baked sweet potato with cinnamon
Sliced tomatoes with feta and olives

Watch out for my healthful snack list which requires a little bit of prep (but not too much) 🙂

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