Green eggs and ham or green bananas?

image I was reading the Daily Mail today and I noticed a few articles (if you can call them that) saying that the androgynous look is very on trend. Yes! For a woman with a closet full of shirts, skinny pants and boots, that makes me very happy. Oh and don’t forget the hair that keeps  getting shorter and shorter. Long may it continue!  I loved shocking my dad when I was younger. My sister had these long flowing blonde locks which the old man loved and yours truly got a buzz cut. He he! I guess I can’t be too surprised then by my kids. I put Quinn to bed the other night and about 10 minutes later I hear puffing and panting. “Quinn”, I shout. “What are you doing”. “Burpees” she responds. “I need to train to make sure I can beat up the boys at school”. Wow! Too funny. If only I thought she was joking.

My November of eating clean is going well.  I’ve checked in on a few others. A couple of people have told me that they cimagean’t get their act together or they’re too busy at work to get to the gym or they’ve had some nights out so couldn’t stick to it. You know, circumstances don’t limit your progress. You do that by yourself. It’s your mindset. If you don’t have the willpower and the belief in yourself, then you won’t succeed. You need to invest in yourself. Sometimes it would be nice just to say, “**** it, I can’t be bothered exercising anymore” or to stuff my face with junk but I know how I’ll feel afterwards. Every time you make the easy choice, you eat (excuse the pun) away at your own chance of success. It’s not super easy for me. I’m not special!

As part of my clean November, I’ve been eating loads of green bananas. I was gifted a hand and it went fromimage there. I didn’t know that they could be so versatile. I really pushed the boat out this week and tried them in a variety of ways. I substituted them for a mash on a Shepherds pie. I fried them up like regular french fries (chips to my UK buddies). I boiled them and then mixed them with boiled cabbage and made them into a “burger” bun which I filled with turkey breast and avocado. Absolutely delicious!

Banana fries

For the french fries, I peeled them, chipped them and fried them in coconut oil. I then drained them in some kitchen tissue and sprinkled over some salt and a little curry powder. I could have eaten about 6 bananas worth. Whilst green bananas don’t have fewer calories than ripe yellow bananas, they do have more resistant starch. The resistant starches cannot be broken down so easily so it acts more like a fibre than a starch. The result is that you absorb fewer calories! Who says bananas make you fat!

Try them boiled and mashed or fried. Yummy, yummy in my tummy!

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