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Happy New Year!

I’m back but the content is ever changing.

If you want to learn about taking risks in life and following  your dreams, getting and staying fit at any age,  eating for optimal health, how to set up your own business, how to get paid more or get promoted, how to thrive in life,  then stay on the page.  If not, unsubscribe now. I’m not for you!

When I started this page. I had just left my job as a lawyer and I was finding my way. I thought that I would make energy bars or protein bars. TBH, I hadn’t a clue what I was going to do. To cut a long story short, I set this up as a food page. Anyway, life has changed a lot! Here’s where I am currently at:

I run a very successful gym. The vast majority of my clients are over 38 and female. They are a seriously badass bunch. If you want to see older women doing burpees, full push ups and pull ups, check us out here. The men who join get pretty amazing results too.

I am about to add another 2 fitness certifications to the 8 I have amassed. I even trained with Zac Even-Esh and Kyle Ruth at Training Think Tank (every coach needs a coach!). Always striving to improve my performance and especially so as I age.

I run very popular nutritional coaching programs. Think about losing fat without dieting. All my programs are whole food based and the recipes are all approved by my children so you can do my programs, lose fat, get fit and eat the same food as the rest of your family. I call that a major win/win. These are based on my own eating habits and that of my family. If you know me, you’ll know that I have my indulgences but I’ve stayed virtually the same dress size for the last 27 plus years. I have the following programs:

7 day whole food based detox (average weight loss – 8 to 10lbs)

28 day zapper (average weight loss – 2 to 3lbs per week)

6 week Body Project (learn how to eat a balanced diet – average weight loss – 10lbs)

COMING SOON – meal plan subscription service

I am a performance coach. I help people thrive in life. I have so far done everything from coach people through the process of setting up new businesses, improve businesses, help people transition out of jobs and find new jobs, help people go through the promotion process, help people obtain salary increases (and usually big ones).

I’ve turned my business from 0 to 6 figures in  just over 14 months. If you stay with me, you’ll watch it grow to 7. You might just learn along the way!

I have set up the following groups to help people

Goals to Gains (all about setting goals and achieving them)

The Mums Mums Network ( group for the older badass mums out there)

The Gym KY1 (to track my programs) – look out for my new 10 week Strong Woman program (men can do it too).

COMING SOON – The Small Business Base (get help from my other half and I on how to set up and manage your new business)

If you’re staying, I look forward to sharing my stuff with you. If you’re leaving, I bid you farewell.

Coach V






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