How about no sugar AND reduced carbs for next month?

James and I were discussing what my challenge should be for next month. I’d basically like to shred my body but without reducing the quantity of food I eat and living on salad and green vegetables. So for next month, I’m going to stay off the sugar again (it’s really not difficult), reduce my carbs and increase my fat intake!! Hmmmm…..avocados, coconut milk ice cream, fudge…..This will be fun. If it works, maybe we can start a revolution!

I’ll take my measurement on the last day of this month and report in. For me it’s all about what I can do with my body without depriving myself. Now I get to cook with even more coconut oil. I’ve set James a challenge too but I’ll let him share that through his blog 😉

So food today was good although the day was non stop as usual. I started out this morning with Tabata (for those who don’t know, tabata is basically interval training. I did 8 rounds, 20 second on, 10 seconds off with one minute break between each set of burpees, kettlebell swings with 40lb kettlebell, squats with a 30lb bar, push ups and sit ups with a medicine ball. The day continued in a similar vein and when it got to Dane asking me to make chocolate cake at 8pm, I politely told him to get stuffed. I’m sure I shouldn’t be saying that to my son but he’s lucky I was that polite.

I had a laugh this evening. I had Masterchef on whilst I was cooking dinner. Anyway, I was listening to one of the contestants talk about how she gave up her high paying medical career to follow her dream of going on Masterchef and I said out loud “what a muppet”. My husband looked at me and said “is what you’ve done any different?”. Let’s hope I’m not that muppet 😉

So today’s food was cool

Lemon water on waking
Breakfast – oatmeal with berries
Snack – coconut water
Lunch – spinach salad with apple cider vinegar dressing, a grass fed beef burger (homemade), grilled tomatoes and an egg cooked inside a green pepper ring. …see picture….yum 🙂


Snack – Brazil nuts and banana
Dinner – Thai chicken curry cooked in fresh coconut milk with sautéed callalloo, zucchini and peppers

I had 2 squares of 100% cocoa chocolate

Drinks – 2 coffees, herbal tea, a glass of kombucha and loads of water

Monday’s food

Lemon water on waking
Breakfast – oatmeal, nuts and seeds and berries
Snack – nothing
Lunch – swordfish and vegetables. A half slice of homemade brown bread
Snack – plantain chips and guacamole


Dinner – chorizo cooked with tomatoes and vegetables

Drinks – 2 coffees, herbal tea and loads of water

Plantain chips

The knack to making tasty crunchy plantain chips, is to use a green plantain (one where you need to cut the skin off), to oil the plantain lightly all over and to cook at a low heat. If you use a ripe plantain, the chips are chewy and can even go mushy.

Slice your plantain thinly. I use a mandoline slicer. Place the slices on parchment paper on a baking sheet. Spray the plantain chips with coconut oil or brush the oil over them. Bake at 350 degrees for about 25 minutes turning the chips half way through. Remember to brush with oil again after you turn the chips. When done, salt and leave to cool.

There should only be the odd one that isn’t crispy.

Good luck!! I’ve been making these for a long time. Mine were a disaster when I first did them too. I eventually worked out that the firmer the plantain the better!!

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