Mojos and coconut milk

IMG_3318I know. I’ve been a stranger. I kind of lost my mojo for a bit there. Do you ever get that feeling where you’re  just not quite sure where your life is going and you feel like you’re going slightly off track even though you never really knew where the right track was? Well. That was/is me! I’ve decided not to question it too much and just to go with the flow.

I’ve spent a lot of time trying to work out what the **** I’m on the planet for. Do I have an answer? Hell no but I know I’m here for a reason! Now I can’t promise that I won’t head off to la la land again but for now, I’m here, fully conscious of the fact that I’m not perfect and just to verify that, I started an elimination diet and I decided to break myself in slowly. Lesson…..don’t do anything as a half way house. Yes. I cheated. I told myself it was okay to cheat because I was breaking myself in gently. It’s not okay to cheat though. If you can’t be true and honest to yourself what does it say? After my roti from Singh’s roti shop today (in for a penny, in for a pound LOL) I will be going cold turkey. Wish me luck!

Now onto the more important things in life…….food! If there is one thing that drives me nuts, it’s being taken for a muppet and the food and drink industry is soooooooooooooo trying to take us all for muppets.

I am always being asked which coconut milk I buy. Well I don’t buy any cartons of coconut milk. I either make it myself or I occasionally use the organic canned stuff. Making it yourself is so much cheaper and so much tastier and so much cleaner. Have you read the labels on cartons of coconut milk? Check out the almond milk too! Yuk! I think the manufacturers should rename their product “coconut milk blend with added crap”.

I’ve looked at brands available in the UK, the USA, the Cayman Islands, Canada and Australia and even where they are branded as being “natural” and/or “organic”, they are still full of sh**. Manufacturers, don’t you get it……when I buy coconut milk, I want coconut milk….not rice, not flavourings, not salt, not sugar, not gum, just fecking coconut milk……is it that difficult to give me something pure? Ah I forgot, you’re a business. Who gives a sh** about people’s health. Health insurance and medication can deal with that.

Check out the ingredient lists on some of the leading brands of coconut milk:


Water, Coconut milk (5.3%) [5.3% ……….. WTH], (Coconut cream, Water), Rice (3.3%), Tri-calcium phosphate, Stabilisers (Carrageenan, Guar gum, Xanthan gum – you can never have enough gum), sea salt (makes it sound much better than just saying salt doesn’t it…”Sea makes you think of the ocean and the beaches and good clean, healthy living), Vitamins (B12, D2) (they got you again…..vitamins….that means it’s good for you….right?), flavourings (but don’t bother telling me which ones)

Coconut dream

Water, rice, coconut cream (4%), calcium phosphate, natural coconut flavour [how did they extract that?????? But it’s okay because they said it was natural so they got you……poo is natural too), gellan gum, salt, vitamins D2 and B12 and sunflower lecithin.

Blue Diamond

Vitamin A Palmitate. (You just read the vitamin A but do you know what palmitate after it means? It means it’s a synthetic version of Vitamin A. Yip, that’s right, manufactured).

Did you know that the Organic Consumers Association warns that isolated vitamins such as those produced synthetically cannot be recognized or metabolized by the body in the same way as the natural version but that’s okay because you just read the word “vitamin”.

Large doses of natural vitamin A are well tolerated by the body but I understand from my reading that synthetic vitamin A is associated with birth defects and bone fractures.  It has no benefit in the diet whatsoever. If this is the case, why are they adding it to a product that we’re led to believe is the one of the healthy alternatives to dairy?????

The other additive in these organic cartons of coconut milk and almond milk is Vitamin D2.  Vitamin D2 is manufactured by irradiating yeast. Sounds gross!! I’ve also read that too much can be toxic. What does this mean then for the mums who feed their dairy intolerant kids almond milk???

And carrageenan. I sit on the fence there. Apparently this food additive is formally classified by the International Agency for Research on Cancer (part of the World Health Organization) as a potential human carcinogen BUT I’ve also read that’s fine. Until I get a consistent view, I’ll avoid it. Do you hear that Ben & Jerry’s!!!!!!!!!!  I’d buy your ice cream but it’s got carrageenan in it. Have you satisfied yourself that it’s safe??????  No point in holding yourself out to be “fair trade” and good to the environment etc if you’re adding a product that to date is still sitting on the fence. (Dr Andrew Weil has been telling people to avoid carrageenan since 2002. He says that it’s inflaming to the digestive system. They say that most disease can thrive when we have poor Gut health. What more do I need to say).

Here’s how to make coconut milk and it really does take just 5 minutes. If you’re in a rush though, opt for tinned organic coconut milk without the sulphates/sulphites. Based on my label inspection, the cans are way cleaner than the cartons (try to get BPA free cans).


4 cups of water

2 cups of unsweetened shredded coconut (or use the real stuff)

  1. Heat water.
  2. Add coconut to a blender and add the warm water.
  3. Blend on high for several minutes until the mixture is thick.
  4. Pour mixture through a sieve first and squeeze at the end to drain out the liquid. You can also drain the mixture through a linen bag.
  5. Store in the fridge for up to 5 days but remember to shake before using as the cream separates from the water.

You can dry the leftover coconut at a low temperature in the oven and add to your baking.

Come back tomorrow for my pumpkin soup using that lovely homemade coconut milk.

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