No sugar for a whole month? Easy peasy lemon squeezy!

No sugar for a whole month? Easy peasy lemon squeezy!

I’m human. I like, okay I love, love, love, chocolate. Every now and then I get a little carried away and before I know it, I’ve skipped from my usual dark chocolate to the odd Cadburys flake and Mars bar and before I know it, I’m munching on Hob Nobs too. Fortunately, I’m now savvy enough about my eating to notice how my body feels and to put an end to the sugar. I know it’s not the chocolate I’m craving. I know it’s the sugar. So it’s time to cut the sugar again and after posting my status update on Facebook, I was inundated with requests from you guys to see my “no added sugar meal plan”. So here is week one attached. I’m hoping that a few of you will actually join me on the journey. The first week of the plan is a bit boring. It’s intentionally that way. If I set it up with loads of fancy recipes, no-one would stick to it. I’m not going to kid you on and say it’s easy. I will however post plenty of recipes and tell you when you can fit them in. Make sure you read the notes below!!!!

I have a few words of warning. This is not a diet plan. I’m giving you a copy of my meal planner each week and for the month of July. I’m not a doctor or a dietician and I am not giving any advice. You should always see a doctor before you embark on any changes to what you ordinarily put in your body. Oh and if you follow a no added sugar plan properly, you will feel like you have been slapped in the face with a cast iron frying pan after about day 4. The good news is that this only lasts for a few days and at the end of it, I always feel really good and have loads of energy. You’ll know it’s coming as the invisible man will poke his fingers in your eyes. I overcome this by drinking plenty of water with a few frozen blueberries in it and some ice cubes. It gives me something to chew on. I also drink green tea and I take a magnesium and calcium supplement. This is just me though. Check with you doctor!!

Note too that there is no alcohol. Alcohol is loaded with sugar. If you can’t skip the alcohol for a month, I’d be asking some questions. Seriously!

I also deal with my sugar withdrawal by shouting at my husband. It’s a great way to vent your frustration. If all else fails though, grab a power nap. Plonk that head on the desk and have a 20 minute kip. If the boss says anything, tell him it’s better that you have a kip than hack off his/her clients! Alternatively, send the boss to me and I’ll give him/her a lecture on motivating staff and how to get the best from your workforce. On the subject of power naps, you do need to sleep plenty. No sitting up at night on the iPad or lap top until you feel your eyes closing.

I’ll be here doing it with you so if you need me to whinge at, just holler! We can shout at each other 🙂

Good luck and just watch that waist line shrink. If it doesn’t, you’re either cheating or you need to see your doctor!!! And one final point…….my whole family do this so there shouldn’t be a need to eat differently from anyone else. The only difference is that I do still give the kids cow’s milk, cheese, brown rice and a daily treat such as a dark chocolate brownie sweetened with apple sauce or an oatmeal bar. I have the willpower not to eat the treats!


1. Night time snack only if you need it. For me, it’s half a banana mashed with a teaspoon of raw cocao and a teaspoon of toasted coconut with some chamomile tea.
2. Drink a large glass of warm water and lemon juice when you get up and before you eat/drink anything else.
3. Ensure you are drinking at least 8 large glasses of water over the day and preferably one at least a half hour before each meal.
4. You don’t need to eat all of the snacks. I eat them because I exercise loads and I’m active so if I don’t, I lose weight. The intention here is not to lose weight, but rather, to cut added sugar. However, if you kick the sugar into touch, you should lose pounds and inches!
5. I limit my coffee to 2 cups over the entire day. It’s my weakness!!
6. I drink green tea too.
7. No soda or other drinks with sugar
8. Season your food with a little iodised salt.
9. If you can’t do the eggs for breakfast every morning (I love eggs) then try adding chia seeds to unsweetened coconut milk or almond milk (get the kind that has no additives). The chia seeds thicken the milk and make it like a porridge. I leave it in the fridge overnight. I then add berries and walnuts to it when I’m ready to eat it. You could also do the same with plain Greek yoghurt. I don’t do this as I don’t like dairy! Alternatively, mix up some seeds (pumpkin, chia, sunflower and sesame), add a little cinnamon and add some coconut or almond milk. Leave it to sit for 10 minutes and then add nuts and a few berries. This is crunchier!
10. See link for my trusty breakfast pancake recipe.
11. If you work out, have a small sweet potato or some roasted squash with dinner.
12. Dress your salads with apple cider vinegar or lemon/lime juice and either olive oil or coconut oil. I will share some tasty dressings!
13. Cook your food in coconut oil or grass fed butter. Olive oil doesn’t take well to heat. Please no vegetable oil!!! It’s rancid.
14. I’m also told by various reliable sources including James Murray (endurance athlete and general grain hating, sugar bashing extremist who, incidentally, I’ve now teamed up with so you’ll be hearing lots more from him going forward) and coach Tarasa of Crossfit Cayman ( that blending a spoon of grass fed butter with coffee is a great energy booster. Totally gross but coming from someone who used to eat butter from the block as a child, can I really say anything! James adds cacao powder and coconut powder to his butter and coffee too. Please don’t stir. In the words of 007, shaken not stirred….okay….blended not stirred!

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