Shepherd’s pie. Don’t you love comfort food!

imageIs it just me or is Christmas getting earlier every year. Got an email the other day saying that Christmas trees are in. I can’t buy a tree now. My mum told me it’s bad luck to have your tree up more than 12 days before Christmas!Bear with me as I make changes to the blog (okay, as the husband updates the blog… back for me getting up at 5am everyday to make his breakfast and lunch box). So I’m sitting here on my nice leather sofa typing away. Only problem….the smell. My little one had a tummy bug last week and vomited all over it….any one have any suggestions on how to get the stench of vomit out of leather. I’ve been massaging saddle soap into it every day but it’s not getting better. Poor little soul was very apologetic and now every time I mention the stench she just says “Mum. You accepted my apology!”. Fair dues but it does stink.

So the weather here is getting chilly Ha! Ha! Remind me of that next week when I’m in sunny Scotland. Comfort food is very much on the agenda and when I asked my ladies what they fancied for dinner, shepherd’s pie was the response, so shepherd’s pie it was. Another one of my quick and easy dinners because……..who wants to go to the pain of spending hours in the kitchen after a full day of work etc. and then washing loads of dirty dishes. No Sir. Not me. I slipped the potatoes on top of the beef and dished up. Voila. 30 minute Shepherd’s pie.

I do make this often and to be honest, I chuck in whatever vegetables I have in the fridge. Here’s how I made this one.

Ingredients (serves 4 for dinner with enough for 1 big or 2 small lunches next day)

1 small finely chopped onion
3 cloves of garlic (crushed)
2lbs (approx 1kg) of ground beef (I use grass fed)
400ml of chicken stock (or 400ml of water with 2 chicken stock cubes)
4 chopped carrots
1/4 of a chopped turnip (rutabaga)
Herbs (I used approx a tablespoon of chopped rosemary and sage (that’s what I had!)
Salt and pepper to taste

4 large sweet potatoes
2 large tablespoons of butter (I use grassfed)


Add the beef to a large pot and brown. If you like, you can drain off the fat by putting cold water into the browned beef and draining it. The fat solidifies and comes away easily. Add the onion and garlic to the beef and cook for about 10 minutes until the onion becomes translucent. Add the carrots and turnip and stir. Add the stock to the beef and vegetables and allow to simmer.

Meanwhile, put the potatoes on to boil and season. When boiled, drain and then add the butter and mash until the potatoes are creamy.

Add the herbs to the beef and stir through. The beef will have been cooking away whilst you boiled the potatoes.

Serve up the beef. Add the potatoes on top and serve with green veggies.

My son likes me to put mozzarella on top of his shepherd’s pie and to put it under the grill/broiler to melt. So another way to jazz it up.


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