Surviving the next 10 days

How to survive the festivities…..

 This is it…….the festivities really begin now. It’ll be food, food and alcohol and more food and alcohol for the next 10 days. Don’t despair. Here are my survival tips.

Get rid of the guilt – There should be no guilt around your food choices. Guilt makes you doubt your worth, your right to a healthy and satisfied body, and it makes you crave more and more. Aim for at least 80% of what you put on your plate to be nourishing foods and as for the rest…..choose wisely. If you eat junk, make sure it’s worth it. Always remember that it’s entirely your choice as to what you put in your body.   Eat it and get over it. No guilt!

Make a plan and stick to it  – Decide how many drinks you will have and how much/what type of food you’ll eat. If you fancy some fried food then have a bit but avoid all the carby treats afterwards and likewise, if you fancy cake, avoid the fried and other dense foods. It’s important to make your plan and stick to it.

Drink plenty of water – Make sure you’re hydrated. A good tip is to drink a couple of big glasses of water before you eat out or drink any alcohol. We often confuse thirst with hunger.   I often throw a scoop of protein powder in my water before I go out. That way, I don’t tend to be hungry and tempted by the snack foods.

Start with the healthier options – By filling your plate with protein, vegetables and healthy fats, it leaves less room on your plate and in your stomach for the less healthy options.

Eat slower – Whilst asking you to chew each bite of food 20-30 times (which is ideally what you want to be doing) is a great option, I know this isn’t practical; so, instead, put your fork down on the plate between each bite of food. 

It’s very common for people to overeat when they don’t chew adequately. It takes about 15-20 minutes for the gut to communicate with the brain that you’re full. If you don’t allow that time you’ll end up feeling bloated and stuffed because you’ve eaten too much too quickly.

Ask yourself “Am I still hungry?” – So are you or are you just eating because the food is there or because you’re being polite. Push the plate away.

Don’t linger around the food table – Walk up to the food table, check everything over and then fill your plate and walk away. Don’t walk down it adding some of everything. You end up eating a whole load that you wouldn’t normally or wouldn’t in hindsight have chosen.

Engage socially with people – it’s difficult to eat and talk at the same time so eat your meal and get chatting.

Don’t be afraid to say “No thanks”.

You don’t need to finish what is on your plate! – Eat the protein and veggies first and then the rest.

Return to normal eating habits the next day – Back to back party eating and drinking isn’t cool. Get back on track the very next day. If you balance it out, you’re less likely to feel poorly, lower your immune system and gain weight.



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