The 3 reasons you can’t lose fat and get fit

………and it’s not rocket science.

1. You’re in the wrong tribe.

I know you want to get fit and lose weight but what about the people around you? Are they supporting you? Maybe it’s time to clear out the people who aren’t helping you. I mean, who wants a friend who encourages you to “just have a glass. It won’t kill you”.

2. You don’t have a plan

You are just turning up at the gym and doing whatever. Better still, you go out running every night for as long as you feel like and at whatever pace you like. You falter about in the kitchen reaching for all the green stuff and you order in ridiculously pricey smoothies and green juices.

Make sure you have a plan. Write it down. Track what you do and measure your results. Take pictures of yourself. If there aren’t changes over time, something isn’t working. You won’t know whether you are achieving results unless you track your progress. Those juices and smoothies could be loaded full of sugar and doing you no real good. Better still, they could be really low in calories causing you to be in calorie deficit. That might get you initial results but it’ll quickly backfire as your body gets accustomed to being malnourished.

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3. You have no accountability

You have no one to be accountable to. We don’t all jump out of bed desperate to go training. It’s tough. We lead busy lives. Get yourself a coach or better still, join a group exercise class (like mine) where you will meet loads of like minded people. They’ll quickly check if you are missing from class for a few days. Tell people how any classes you’ll do and how often. They’ll look out for you.

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