The main reason I train so hard

………………and it isn’t because I love it.

It’s for the food baby. It’s for the food. I don’t hit the gym thinking “Yas. I have 5 sets of heavy squats to do today and 60 burpees.” I hit the gym pysched for the results and grateful that I am able to do the work and ecstatic that after the workout, I can go home and stuff my face.

So many people think that to lose weight/size, they need to starve themselves. My experience and the experiences of the people who work with me, is the complete opposite.

I remember being a teenager doing all sorts of stupid stuff to lose weight and be skinny. I’d chew chocolate bars and spit them out. I’d eat everything “fat-free”. I’d run for miles and miles on end. Aged about 19 I really discovered the gym and weight training. My mum had some books by some body builders including Arnold and I would write down the workouts and take them with me to the gym. I noticed that I got the best results mixing up my training, lifting heavy and eating loads of food. The eating loads of food was discovered by chance simply because I wouldn’t diet. I hate feeling hungry. I get HANGRY and I want to strangle people.

The other reasons I train:

I like how I look

I like how I feel

I love how I perform

I love having energy

If you like how you look, feel and perform and have loads of energy, I applaud you. Well done. If not, you might want to give me a shout and try one of my many programs.


Always check with your doctor before making changes to your diet. I’m not medically qualified. I’m just someone who has been experimenting for about 30 years.

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