The Tree of Life Initiative – coconuts!!!!

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I love, love, love coconut oil and it’s been a staple part of my own and my family’s diet for at least 8 years now. I hear you saying “but it’s fattening”. No man! It’s all relative. If you are enjoying it as part of a healthy diet, it won’t make you overweight. I eat tablespoons of it every day and I have minimal body fat and I’m by no means skinny.

I use it to cook with, to bake with and as the sweetener to swallow my cod liver and oregano oils 😉 I hear the “yucks” at this stage. I’m Scottish with East European heritage, what do you expect…as my 4 year old says “there’s nothing sweet about me”.

Anyway, I was invited along to a presentation and food tasting event run by the Tree of Life Initiative which took place at Plantation House. Joel Walton….thanks for extending the invite and the tour of your garden. Wow. So many interesting plants and trees.

The Tree Of Life Initiative aims to inspire all people of the Cayman Islands to cook with what many health experts call one of the healthiest oils on earth – coconut oil. I absolutely agree and you’ll see it featuring in many of my recipes.

The evening started with Tamer Soliman, one of the promoters of the Tree of Life Initiative on Island, greeting us all with a fresh coconut nicely hacked to allow us to enjoy the coconut water. We then had a tour of the gardens at Plantation House. This was followed by a delicious vegan coconut based meal prepared by Britta of Saucha and then a presentation by Tamer. We were also entertained with live music and a coconut husking demonstration; way more sophisticated than my smashing the thing off the side of the concrete stairs at my home and splattering the water all over myself as I desperately grab for one of my daughter’s buckets to catch the water before it spills everywhere… get the drift!

And to top the evening off, we were all given a sample bottle of local Cayman Exotics coconut oil. What more could you want.

I’m definitely a supporter of the Tree of Life Initiative and a big supporter of coconut oil generally. I love coconut oil. Everything I read about it is good. It tastes great and I’m always behind products that support the local community.



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