Week 2 planner and day 5 report

Day 5 was good. The headache was gone when I got up and I didn’t find myself craving something sweet all day. I did have my moments though 🙁

Saturday’s for me are always all over the place as the kids have activities and I try to get shopping etc done too so I wasn’t able to stick to the plan in its format 100%. I missed a morning snack and my lunch was grab and go. I didn’t feel that I needed the morning snack and I know that as I progress through the month, and my sugar cravings diminish, I’ll start skipping the snacks more often. That’s where I want to be and when I know the inches will drop. 

Day 5 Report

Here’s what I ate:

Lemon water and coffee on rising. I then had a mango before going to Crossfit at 9am. After Crossfit at 10.30, I had 4 scrambled eggs with spinach and tomatoes for breakfast.

Lunch – 1 scoop of protein powder, a handful of mixed berries and 1 tablespoon of coconut oil blitzed together.

Afternoon snack – a homemade protein bar made with protein powder, almonds and freeze dried fruit.

Dinner – Spicy pork with tomatoes, okra, onion, greens, red peppers and a little butternut squash. I then had a herbal tea and a little 100% cacao.

I drank loads of water, 2 black coffees and 2 bottles of fresh coconut water

Week 2

I am attaching my week 2 meal planner. Once again, it’s samey. This is deliberate for the reasons I said last week. If I go making this complicated, it puts me off. I’m busy. I want easy stuff. I also like to eat what takes my fancy that day based on the parameters set out in the plan. So each day, I take what’s in the plan and I do what I like with it. Check out my daily recipes!!


  1. This is not a restrictive diet. I am cutting the added sugar. I am not hungry on this meal plan. I have cravings for sugar and non wholesome food!! That’s what you fight, cravings not hunger!!!!
  2. I have cut my grains too. I am replacing my energy sources with fat. I cook in either coconut oil or full fat grass fed butter so cook your eggs, meat etc in butter or coconut oil. You want to keep the fat intake up. I will add back rice and quinoa at the end of my challenge.
  3. As I exercise every day, I add a little sweet potato or squash or breadfruit to either my lunch or dinner. If I don’t exercise one day, I don’t eat the potato etc.

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